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Translucent or transparent material consisting typically of a mixture of silicates that used for the distribution or storage of foods and beverages.  May be found in clear, brown/amber, green or blue colors. 



      Some examples of Glass that can be recycled: 


Glass Food containers

o       Jelly Jars

Liquor or Wine Bottles. 

Glass Beverage Containers

o       Juice Bottles

Canning Food Jars

Deposit Bottles (These items can also be returned for refund)

o       Beer Bottles

o       Soda Bottles

o       Spring Water Bottles



Some programs prefer that the different colors of glass be kept separate.  Please contact your recycling company for proper preparation instructions.

Window Glass - There are glass companies that will recycle other types of glass, such as windowpanes, automobile glass and mirrors.  Please see the Planning Unit Commercial Recycling Brochure or click here for a list of companies.

Household Glassware- There are several companies that accept, for donation, old drinking glasses, glass dishes and other glass products for reuse. Click here for a list of reuse centers

Eyeglasses- If you have eyeglasses that you no longer need or use, consider donating them to a charity or click here for a list of reuse centers.