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The Capital Region Recycling Partnership is a committee of The Capital Region Solid Waste Management Partnership (the “Partnership”), formerly known as ANSWERS.

The partnership is made up of 14 municipalities that work together to foster better recycling practices in their communities.  The members of the partnership include:

It is our mission to improve the methods for waste reduction and recycling so that we may reduce the amount of waste that must go into the landfill.  In achieving this primary goal we will be able to extend the life of the landfill while also helping to preserve and protect the environments within our communities.

The CRRP is working toward this mission through our combined efforts in knowledge sharing, education, and enforcement.  As we work to make our communities more environmentally responsible we must continue to study and pursue newer technologies while making the most of the current methods available to us today.  Through this partnership and the involvement of all members of our individual communities we will each find the most successful and cost effective methods to achieve our goals.