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What is reuse?       

Reuse is a process of finding a second, third or tenth use for an

item to prolong its life. Reuse is an important step after you've

precycled  and reduced.



 Who should reuse?     

People of all ages and in any location can

find things that can be reused.




     Where should we reuse?     

 Items can be reused at home, at school and at work.







Reuse Ideas



                       Place plastic lids under greasy or leaky bottles to prevent shelf staining.


     Save margarine and similar food containers for kitchen storage needs. 

                       Use your imagination to find other uses for former food storage containers. 

                       Clear containers make it easy to see what is being stored, such as buttons, coins, or screws.


   Make a spice shaker out of a glass jar and its lid.  Simply fill the jar with spices and punch

                       holes in the lid.



                      Make drop cloths out of large pieces of cloth or plastic, such as old sheets or shower curtains.



                       Even though newspapers and paper towel or toilet rolls are recyclable they can also be used

                       for craft projects, as packing materials, or to protect items during messy jobs.


                       Use the back of one-sided papers for scrap paper.



      Reuse boxes or bags as many times as possible. Use small boxes (example- jewelry boxes)

                                    to organize desk and dresser drawers.


                       Turn a 1, 2 or 3-liter plastic bottle into a funnel by cutting of the top third of the bottle.

                       For picnic or camping trips, use clean and empty bottles with secure fitting caps as

                       reusable ice packs. Beverage containers and mouthwash bottles work well.




                              Freeze water in small plastic containers (example- aspirin bottle) for use as a

                              cold compress.


                              Use an old toothbrush as a cleaning tool.


                              Hold a garage sale to sell unwanted items.


                              Host a clothing swap to pass on unwanted clothes.


                              Wash aluminum foil if necessary, flatten, and reuse at a later time          




        Grocery Store Bags


·        Use to line smaller garbage cans in your home

·        Use to discard your scoopable cat litter clumps

·        Take with you when you walk your dog to scoop your dog’s poop

·        Use in your car as a travel garbage bag

·        Use as a lunch bag




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