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Produced by pressing together moist fibers, typically cellulose pulp derived from wood, and drying them into flexible sheets. 



Some examples of paper for recycling:


White Paper

o       Computer Paper

o       Copy Paper

o       Stationary/Letterhead

o       Adding Machine/Receipt Tape

o       Tablet/Notebook Paper

o       Shredded Paper


Colored Paper

o       Colored Stick on Notes

o       Colored Copy Paper

o       Yellow Legal Pads

o       Shredded Color Paper


Bound Paper Books

o       Newspaper/Newsprint

o       Inserts

o       Magazines

o       Catalogs

o       Phone Books

o       Brochures


Mixed Waste Paper

o       Junk Mail

o       Advertisements

o       Envelopes

o       Window Envelopes (Windows don’t need to be removed)

o       Stick on Notes

o       Shredded Junk Mail



Note: The following are some examples of Non-Recyclable Paper:

o       Wax Coated Paper

o       Plastic Coated Paper

o       Carbon Paper

o       Paper Plates & Cups

o       Paper Napkins and Towels




Most recycling programs accept paper for recycling.  Please contact your recycling company for proper preparation instructions.