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Albany announces expansion of curbside recycling program to include plastic containers 3-7

5/3/2010 3:56:00 PM

Albany Mayor Jennings announced the expansion of the curbside recycling program to include plastic containers #3-#7. Previously only #1-#2 plastic containers were accepted now #1-#7 plastic containers are excepted curbside for collection.

Some examples of common #3-#7 plastic containers are plastic drinking cups, yogurt containers, butter containers and prescription pill bottles. All plastic containers should be placed loosely in the blue recycling bin. This expansion to the curbside recycling program is effective immediately.

"This initiative is a positive investment in our city's future and will have a strong impact on both the economy and the environment," said Mayor Jennings.

The Department of General Services has created a new Waste Collection and Recycling Brochure, which outlines the new additions to the program. Download a copy of the brochure below.

Albany's Waste Collection and Recycling Guide


Mayor Jennings said, "I believe that Better Education will bring Better Participation which will ultimately result in a Better Environment".

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